Titian Aka, Unique Tourist Charm

The Root bridge has its own beauty for Pesisir Selatan area, Sumatera Barat. This bridge formed of the braif of bayan tree’s root and batang kubang tree that are opposite and stretching over the Batang Bayang river. The bridge located in Nagari Puluik-Puluik, Kecamatan IV Nagari Bayang Utara, Pesisir Selatan.

The local people call it by ‘Titian Aka’. This footbridge has a length about 30 meters and width of 1 meter and a height of up to 8 meter. This is one of the attraction from the bridge, which is enjoyed by visitors who come to that location.

Based on history, the bridge made by a parson to connect two villages separated by Batang Bayang. The parson’s name is Pakih Sokan with the title ‘Angku Ketek’. It was built in 1890, however the public could use it in 1916.

Now, Titian Aka many visited and enjoyed by visitors. To ensure safety, the managers set the straps that made of steel to reduce pressure or load from each visitors.

Besides enjoying the uniquenness of the root bridge, the visitors also can enjoy the beauty of Batang Bayang river under the bridge. Natural panorama around this tourist attraction also do beautiful.

For entrance tickets, visitors will pay IDR 5.000 and two-wheeled vehicle parking fees IDR 3.000 and four wheels IDR 5.000.

The location of this bridge can not see from gateaway, the visitors must enter the ticket purchase gate and down the strais to get to the footbridge.