Talao Pauh Becomes New Idol for Tourists

Talao Pauh Pariaman destination becomes idol for tourists who come to the Tabuik city. Talao means like a lake near the sea. It located about 2 kilometers from the city center of Pariaman.

The clear lake water complete with various facilities to relax. Beside that, it’s also complete with a 30 meters long bridge that has been designed attractively.

This destination is suitable to relax with family or friends. Moreover, there are also gazebo facilities. More interesting, at this Talao Pauh complete with free wifi.

What is even more intereting is there are various kinds of food that visitors can taste, like young coconut ice, kerupuk kuah, langkitang cucuik, sala, rakik udang and the other traditional culinary from Pariaman.

To get this location is very easy. If the visitors use a train to Pariaman and get off at Pariaman station, they can use odong-odong to Talao Pariaman. By paying IDR 5.000 per person. Odong-odong is available on holidays along the coast of Gandoriah Pariaman. Distance between Gandoriah beach and Talao Pariaman about 1,5 kilometers.

Or you also can rent the bikes that is available along the coast of Gandoriah Pariaman. For those who want to save money, you can walk across the Gandoriah Brigde while being accompanied by the beach breeze.