Sajuta Janjang, Interesting Destination to Visit

Agam Regency has interesting tourist destination to visit. Because of the beauty an uniqueness of various tourist location. One of them is Sajuta Janjang which is located on the slopre of Mount Singgalang.

Sajuta Janjang has length of about 3.7 kilometers. The visitors crossing the ‘janjang’, will see the view of Nagari Balingka and Ngarai Sianok. When halfway through, the visitors can enjoy view of Mount Merapi. After arrive at the Pine hilltop, the visitors are shown a view of panorama Bukit Taman Raya Balingka and Kota Bukittinggi.

Sajuta Janjang with plataran Pinus Lereng Singgalang, located in Pakan Sinayan, Kecamatan Banuhampu, Kabupaten Agam, Sumatera Barat. Although this tourist attraction is not one hundred percent complete, many visitors have come.

Sajuta Janjang located about 42 kilometers from the enter of the capital Agam Regency. It can passed 1.5 hours.

The visitors must be arrived in this location at noon, so you can enjoy panorama around. Beside that, the goverment only open until 5 p.m, this is for the safety of visitors. The road full of inclines and winding impssible to visit in the dark.

There is no fee to visit Sajuta Janjang, its free. Because its a new tourist spot. So, the goverment want to promote this location to public. The visitors only pay for parking, its IDR 3.000 for motorcycle and IDR 5.000 for car.