Nobita Hill, A New Destination in Padang

Padang city has a lot of tourism potential. One by one of them began to be explored and became an attraction for tourists. For example, Nobita Hill (Bukit Nobita) which is located at Kampung Jua, Kecamatan Lubukbegalung, Kota Padang. Now, so many tourists came to this place.

“Nobita Hill offers amazing natural beauty. From the top of Nobita Hill we can see very beautiful natural scenery,” said Plt Wali Kota Padang Hendri Septa, to

On the top of Nobita Hill, some of facilities have been established, such as a replica of a huge ship and a swimming pool. A replica of this huge ship could be an icon and a special attraction for tourists to come here.

Hendri Septa also appreciated the courage of the Kampung Jua people in cultivating and developing the potential of this Nobita Hill. “Padang city has so many natural tourism, but not all of them have been worked out. We are grateful for the courage of the people here, Nobita Hill become one of the best destination which is many tourists visited,” said Hendri Septa.

Hendri Septa is optimistic about the improvements ade in this area, Nobita Hill will be a nws tourist icon in Padang city. So that, Padang city government through related agencies will improve infrastructure like roads, because road access to Nobita Hill is still a footpath.

“May the road access can be improved soon, so it can be provide comfort for tourists who will visit Nobita Hill,” said Hendri Septa.

Padang city government will support this tourist attraction, so that Padang can be a destination for tourists both from the field and outside the field.

Meanwhile, head od the government tourism Kota Padang, Arfiam said that Nobita Hill has great potential to be a new destination in Padang. “The best view of Nobita Hill is a gift from Allah SWT. From the top of the hill, we can see the beauty of Padang.

Arfian said, to get the top, it requires a very good phsical condition. It cause the road still in the form of a soil and steep.

“We will try to improve this place. The first priority is road construction to the top of this hill. Some land owner are willing to give their land to be used as a way to the top of the hill,” said Arfian.

If this plans goes well, the representative road will be built so cars and motorcycles can ride. “Hopeful with a new road will further develop the tourism potential in this Nobita Hill.”(*)