Ngalau Indah Pangian

Ngalau Pangian natural tourist attraction, Tanah Datar has natural beauty thai is so comfortable for recreaion with family or friends. This destination located in Nagari Pangian, Kecamatan Lintaubuo, Tanahdatar, Sumatera Barat.

The Ngalau is form of a cave that stretches within the bukit barisan hills a row of approximately 1 kilometer which is flowed by the river from upstream to downstream.

This tourist attraction also very booming and visited by many tourist. It causes the efforts from the village goverment through Badan Usaha Milik Nagari (BUMNag) Pangian Jaya and Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis) Pesona Pangian club to reapi this tourist attraction.

This Ngalau or cave was closed in 2015 because of landslide on the cliff wall at the curb leading to the cave mouth, causing damage to the access site.

This cave also one of beautiful cave in Asia Tenggara like said by L.deharveng A Bedos in 1995. Inside the cave can be found stalagmites and stalactites that are still natura with beautiful shapes.

At this tourist attraction, the visitors can enjoy the natural beauty with various selfie spots, also there are huts next to water rods.

If the visitors bring family and children, the parent can montor their children in the driver while relaxing in huts. Especially for special interested visitors, they can do a challenging journey to the Ngalau cave accompanied by officers from the management.

For entrance tickets, visitors will pay IDR 5.000 added IDR 5.000 for car park and IDR 2.000 for motorcycle. Besides that, the visitors can shop for food by standart prices at the stalls.