Kubu Gadang Tourist Village

Kubu Gadang Tourist Village is located in Kelurahan Ekorlubuk, Padangpanjang Timur. Its growing rapidly and visited by many tourusts to foreign countries. What is the location like?

Kubu Gadang Tourist Village gives a complete holiday sensation. Not only about coolness anf freshness of the air but also has a heritage. Both in the form of art performances and traditional games, also can enjoy the past culinary.

Kubu Gadang Tourist Village comes from the chaired son of the region, Yuliza Zen start from 2014, it can be reach in short time by distance 60 kilometers from Padang city and only 5 kilometers from the center of Padangpanjang city. To enjoy Kubu Gadang Tourist Village, the visitors can used a mini bus by access three entrances, they are Gerbang Ransam, Guguak Kaliliang and Gajahtanang as one of gates that can carry large numbers of passengers using a micro bus.

Through the three enterances, the visitors will immediately see the scenery and fresh air. Th large agricultural land will make visitors feel alive in ancient times. For visitors who use the bus, only continue walking about 100-150 meters to reach the top of the tourist attraction which is completed with Touris Information Center (TIC) Kubu Gadang.

Through TIC, the visitors can find out information about Kubu Gadang Tourist Village and its superiority. Such as, there is 15 unit homestay, superior culinary potential, art and cultural attractions and educational tours. Including, there is a Digital Market wich operates starting 07.00-13.00 WIB every Sunday and sometimes when there is a travel calendar held by Padangpanjang government.

Different from the market in general, Digital Market serves buying and selling and leasing transaction using only special currecies of Kubu Gadang with past currency nominal. Currencies made of leather have theis conversion values Duo Piah (two thousand rupiah), Mos (five thousand rupiah), Sapiak (ten thousand rupiah), Duo Piak (twenty thousand rupiah), Sasuku (fifty thousand rupiah) dan Satuih (one hunderd thousand rupiah).

Through the Digital Market with special currecies, the tourists can enjoy some past culinary and rent traditional clothes with cheap price. Variety of pas culinary canbe find by the visitors like kalamai sagu (oyak-oyak), kacimui, lamang tapai, pical inyiak simah, jagung rebus dan katen.

Inisiator of Kubu Gadang Tourist Village, Yuliza Zen said that although only effective in 2015, this tourist attraction has become one of the destinations for domestics and foreign tourists. Its because the specification and superiority of this place like traditional culinary, cultural arts attraction and Minangkabau traditional tradition.

Kubu Gadang Tourist Village gives the sensation of a combination of natural beauty with the fresh air and education about the culture of Minangkabau. The visitors can enjoy their lunch by makan baradaik dan makan bajamba, and khas Kubu Gadang menu is nasi kabaka dan dendeng pisang.

“For visitors who want to stay at homestay that is equipped with representative facilities, can enjoy traditional art attractions. Such as silek lanyah, randai and tradisional dance and music. This show only exixts on Sunday, or tour travel event,” said Yuliza.

Beside that, Kubu Gadang Tourist Village also has education tourist like traditional games, planting rice, tradisional art and learns traditional cuisine. Its can be used as a means of education among students, communities and urban communities.

“Now, Kubu Gadang Tourist Village has been able to serve tour packages. Especially with the availability of 15 units which are divided into cluster A, B and C, by rent about IDR 500 until IDR 1 milion per night, including breakfast. Alhamdulillah in this 2020, Kubu Gadang Tourist Village will add 8 units gazebo portable entertaiment stage,” said Yuliza.

Head of the youth sports and tourism service (Disporapar), Maiharman saud that Kubu Gadang Tourist Village located at Haji Miskin street, one of four tourist village in Serambi Mekah city.

Now, its not about museum, visit the zoo or enjoy the games in playground. It developed into something simple, like enjoying the daily life of a community. For example, for those who live in urban areas, feel their feet submerged in mud and then join in planting rice or enjoying the green of the countryside, this experience will be get if you visit Kubu Gadang.

Kubu Gadang Tourist Village try to show the other attraction like randai, pacu upiah, education tourist packet for children in paddy fields. Tour manager of Kubu Gadang never stop making changes.

“Through the APBD budget, the government gives support to tourist village program as annual agenda of tourism sector. Many of great attraction form traditional arts and village-style culinary delights that will spoil tourists.(*)