Kopi Tatungkuik from Malalak, Sumatera Barat

Have you ever drank coffee with the glass upside down (tatungkuik)? It’s one unique way when we enjoy the coffee. The coffee lovers exactly want to enjoy one of drinks from Sumbar.

When you come to Sumatera Barat, you will find Kopi Tatungkuik on one of path Sicincin-Malalak-Balingka, it’s a alternative path Padang-Bukittinggi, precisely in Lapau Nasi Putuih Basambuang, its location in Campago, Kecamatan Malalak, Agam -Sumbar.

Kopi Tatungkuik made of mixture of robusta and black pulut. Both are stirred evenly, then poured hot water into the glass. It can add sugar or milk.

Then, a glass that is used as a container is turned over on a small plate, You can drink it by blow the straw into the bottom of the glass covered with a saucer. After being blow, the bubbles appear that fill the saucer, that’s what is drunk.

If still curious about Kopi Tatungkuik, let’s come to Sumbar. Enjoy variety of culinary in the realm of Minang.