Culinary of Sumatera Barat, ‘Langkitang Cucuik’ Delisious and Savory

Talking about West Sumatera culinary is never ending. The teste is very appetizing. One of the famous food from Ranah Minang is rendang. This culinary is a mainstay as well ‘sate padang’. Furthermore, there are still other culinary that have a delicious taste, namelu ‘langkitang cucuik’.

Langkitang cucuik is a soup with the main ingredient is the ‘langkitang’ or snails. However, the shells of ‘langkitang’ is black with elongated shape, size like an adult forefinger. The content in the shell are eaten. How to eat this foodis so unique, that is sucked by mouth in the language of Minang ‘dicucuik’ until the content of ‘langkitang’ come out.

For all of you who will came to Sumatera Barat, never miss this unique and savory culinary. The tourists will have no trouble getting it. especially along the coast of Padang, Kota Padang. The price is so affordable. The testes appetizing.