Apr 16 2021 - Apr 21 2021


All Day


Event Budaya

Minangkabau Silek Retreat

Silek or Silat is a self defense art. This event is held as the efforts of the local government to restore and revitalize Silek ( Minangnese tradional maral art) and is presented in the form of the “Minangkabau Silek Retreat” event. Silek Minangkabau has its own enes such as the use of Galembong and a unique style, therefore, this event is expected to ensure Silek to return to its true identy,. This event also featuring the best silek aracons in Minangkabau, Silek Workshops, Arak iriang, Opening of the Silek Galek Lanyah, Silek Lanyah aracons, tradional arts, and the installaon of Deta which actually became an aracon for Silek enthusiasts in foreign countries.

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