5 Culinary of Sumbar are Addicted

Sumatera Barat is one of the regions in Indonesia that has a variety of culinary delights with appetizing flavors. The dishes in the realm of Minang is also famous for its thick and spicy taste, its make the visitors addicted.

The following culinary of Sumatera Barat that is hooked:

1. Rendang

Foto: Istimewa

Rendang is one of the mainstay culinary delights of Sumatera Barat. This cuisine made of beef with best spices. Now, Rendang is increasingly famous abroad, in fact, this culinary included in World’s 50 Most Delicious Food from CNN in 2011.

2. Satay (Sate)

Foto: goodindonesianfood.com

This culinary is not strange for Indonesian society, but satay in Sumatera Barat is special so it will make you hooked when eat it. Sate Padang, that’s how people call it. The dish is very easy to find when visiting Sumatera Barat. Sate Padang using a vert thick and yellow sauce (some are red).

3. Gulai Paku

Foto: Instagram via food.detik.com

This culinary has main ingredient is paku or fern. Gulai Paku has spices cayenne pepper, galangal, kadis acid, turmeric, lemongrass, and lime leaves.

4. Beef Jerky (Dendeng)

Foto: Resepkoki.id

The main ingredient from this food is drained beef. Most of people call it ‘dendeng balado’. Delisious teste makes you addicted especially spicy taste. Besides ‘dendeng balado’, there is also ‘dendeng batokok’, and ‘dendeng bakuah or basah’.

5. Soto Padang

Foto: zonamakan.com

Soto Padang is one of the delicious and savory dishes from Sumatera Barat. It will more delicious eaten warm and added with ketupat.