Lake Maninjau Enchantment Festival

This festivai is held in Agam regency, Agam is one of the tourism destinations in West Sumatera with promising natural gegraphic with its diverse natural topography such as: having mount, lake, sea, river, valley and forest area which is an extraordinary gift from the God. Natural beauty and cultural diversity as well as Culinary deserve to be enjoyed by Local Travelers and Abroad. The series of activities at the Maninjau Lake Festival consist of ; Traditional Biduak race, traditional Saluang competition, Tambua Tansa competition, Talempong Agung contest, traditional silek competition, customary speech contest, Traditional Kite Competition, Tourism Photography Competition, Cooking / Culinary Competition spesiļ¬c of Agam Regency, Creative Economy Exhibition.


Branding : Taste of Padang

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